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the offbeat fashions

the glamour hepcats
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yes or no:
+ you have your very own STYLE.
+ you love new fashion, and are easily bored with the latest trends.
+ you'd be pissed if you passed someone with the same outfit on, because your's is the original.
+ your parents can't understand what you're wearing.

if you answered yes to any of these, click the join link now. whether you sew up your own clothes or just have a good eye when you shop, or even just like to watch those who do, this is the community for you to show off your awesome threads to those who aren't lucky enough to see you flashin them on the streets, and get ideas for your own TRUELY unique look.

basic guidelines:
1. no offensive posting. you should know what qualifies as such.
2. please post only about fashion-related topics.
3. if you have more than 1 pic, lj-cut. (for those who don't know, you simply put the words "lj-cut" in these: "< >" and voila!)
4. commenting is encouraged, but BE NICE or be banned.
5. be an active member! post, comment, advertize to friends. make sure this community doesn't die!

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